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San Anselmo Eats… yes we do, but it is hard during “Live On The Avenue” to get food quickly when thousands of people come to Downtown San Anselmo every Friday and Saturday night. Many visitors are unaware of all the many excellent dining options in our town and end up waiting 90 minutes for a cheese pizza. Creekside is generally overwhelmed with customers on live music nights, and we want people to have a great, memorable experience when here in town, so there have to be alternatives to serve the masses.

We launched “San Anselmo Eats” ( as a resource at the start of the Pandemic (see below), but in light of people today needing some guidance during local special events, we’re now repurposing the URL as a quick single page for all San Anselmo food options. The list starts “On The Avenue” and then moves outward to SFD Boulevard, Red Hill and Greenfield. We’ll be adding new pictures and further simplifying the site to make it fast and easy. In collaboration with the Town of San Anselmo, we will have new signage and A-Frames in town and on the avenue during events as wayfinding support for visitors looking for dining options, along with a map of parking resources and a map of our business areas for quick reference for those unaware of our lovely town.

San Anselmo Eats was created the day the Pandemic hit, in a quick-anticipation of our community feeling anxious, fearful, unaware…of what to do, who is safe, how to get food. Beginning two months prior to the Pandemic D-day, Creekside had been promoting our use of masks, gloves and extraordinary sanitation lengths our team incorporated into their already diligent work. We’d seen too many movies to think the pandemic was going to blow-over quickly, and we thought we’d be better taking proactive measures than reactive (better to be wrong that the pandemic was going to hit). So, it happened. We quickly talked with many of our town fellow restauranteurs, grabbed images and relevant contact, literally talked with the CDC and County of Marin EHS division to find and share best practices, and quickly launched SAN ANSELMO EATS, intended a local resource single-page for residents to find out who’s open, what hours, and what menu items were available. To the dismay of the creator of our then new town logo and mascot, we had Sugarfoot grazing as our logo; seemed funny in a time of darkness. SA Eats received headlines and articles from around Northern California and up to 40,000 unique visitors every day for over two months, sometimes spiking to 120k visitors a day. Then, things calmed down, people found their groove, restaurants and businesses pivoted, and SA Eats had served its purpose…fading away into obscurity, legend, and fantasy stories parents tell their kids at night if they want them to grow up to be marketing and advertising agents.

We were then, and continue to be advocates of our town’s culture, history, and supporters of our local businesses, hard-working restaurant owners, workers and community that make San Anselmo; The Heart of Marin.

Thank you for encouraging our behavior. 

Cheers. PT