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WINNER WINNER, Pizza Dinner! Hard to keep up with us here at Creekside; blessed to be busy in the Heart of Marin. Fourth of July weekend was a madhouse with great bands, out of town visitors and first-timers here to San Anselmo. So nice to see old friends and new faces! As Fourth of July came and went, we were painfully reminded of MAY THE FOURTH and our coloring competition for prizes that we never announced. Over 200 entrants, and only a few could be the winners. Not every entry could possibly be recognized, even here in Marin.

Anyway, the winners of our Fourth Annual May the Fourth coloring contest are being notified and celebrated with pizzas, Skywalker Ranch swag, R2D2 Tiki sippy cups and a talking baby Grogu; adorable. Thanks to everyone for providing some great Star Wars coloring entries, and May the Fourth Be With You. 

Trivia: Did you know George Lucas invented the Pixilation animation technology that spawned PIXAR, then he sold that off? True. Genius. Another epic game-changing gift from our local independent filmmaker