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Creekside’s mission is to serve our community. We do this every day since our founding, taking pride in our food, beverage program, staff/employee engagement, outreach, sponsorships, public service, and environmental stewardship. We began Day One by installing the greenest solutions for kitchen gear, choosing Electric Ovens over gas ovens and wood-fired ovens (which off-gas and/or pollute our area with with carbon). We built a state-of-the-art draft beer system where we capture nitrogen from the air on-site to propel our delicious beverages. We partnered with Marin Sanitary and participate in their FOOD-2-ENERGY program, plus have always been on the leading edge of green-waste composting and recycling. These basic and ongoing investments continue daily here at Creekside as we look for ways to be the leader NET-ZERO carbon emission business.

Beyond power, recycling and food service green-wares, Creekside also works with vendors providing alternative foods and sustainable farming. From our new 100% plant-based vegan pepperoni, local and organic farms and our in-house preparation of foods, we look to make an impact on methane and carbon emissions, water conservation and minimizing shipping logistics (fuel).

This year, Creekside Pizza & Taproom is presenting at EARTH DAY MARIN on Sunday along with nearly 100 other local businesses and green-focused organizations (link below), supporting Children 4 Change’s annual C4C Challenge, plus San Anselmo Clean Up Day. Creekside: It’s Easy Being Green Every Day at Creekside SA. 

Green Day

  • SA Clean-Up Day (Saturday 4/22): CLICK HERE
  • C4C Challenge 2023 (Sunday 4/23 at 8:30 AM): CLICK HERE
  • Earth Day Marin (Sunday 4/23 at 1:00 PM) FREE Tickets now: CLICK HERE
  • Learn more about Earth Day Marin: CLICK HERE
  • Meet the Event Producers, “Green Change”: CLICK HERE