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In the face of more being homebound, less-going-out and “what do we eat tonight,” Creekside introduce a new option for Pizza at Home with our BYO Par Bake (Half Baked) and our complete DIY Pizza Kits. We already sell dough ball, gluten free crusts and entire “Do It Yourself” kits which is a fun night at home, but sometimes a struggle for little kids and the mess, or it just doesn’t come out as good as we do at Creekside’s crust (because you’re using a rolling pin instead of “pushing out” the dough by hand and leaving a 1″ crust. More insights on home baking go to the ABOUT US tab here on the navigation tab above and select CREEKSIDE AT HOME for cooking instructions). Anyway, so how can you make a your pizza at home but making if faster, cleaner and easier (especially for little kids or family fun)… Let us “Par Bake” (half bake) your pizza which includes sauce and cheese, then we give you the toppings on the side. Top your pizza at home and bake it for 5 to 10 minutes and you’re you’re eating. Fun and Done! Basically,

With our Par Baked pizzas, you can get them from any time after 11am and pop it in the fridge for the day (or two) and then top and cook at your convenience. Hopefully our Online Ordering (click the ORDER button in the top corner of the website here) is easy to navigate. Be careful not to add too many toppings as it starts to get crazy expensive.

Note also, we can completely make your pizza how you want it at Creekside on any of our signature pizzas or your custom build your own and Par Bake those too; simply choose any of our regular pizza options and select the COOKING INSTRUCTIONS option and select “LIGHT BAKE.”

Find our Bake at Home Pizza Kits under our ORDER page >  main menu > Pizzas > Bake At Home Pizza Kits. The ORDER link is here on the CreeksideSA homepage. Have fun. For more Cooking Tips at Home, visit our About Us page and select “Creekside At Home.”