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Help Keep San Anselmo Clean and Green every day, but especially during LIVE ON THE AVENUE, every Friday and Saturday night this summer. In addition to producing the events, creating a safe pedestrian stroll with nightly vehicle closure of the avenue, and providing a sweet public parklet boardwalk across from Kientz Hall, The Town of San Anselmo has provided excellent resources for you to help save our resources on the Avenue. Sorting and Recycling stations are located downtown and on the parklet boardwalk including a 2 yard “Pizza Box” cardboard hopper.

Please take the time to sort and recycle while visiting San Anselmo. As leaders in Net Zero business operations, Creekside is working with the Town Climate Action Committee, Marin Sanitary Service, and other Green-forward organizations to reduce, reuse and recycle, shifting away from plastics and hybrid materials that MSS cannot recycle. When it comes to plastic, make sure you put them in the plastic bin so they get recycled. Additionally, we encourage you to bring your own water bottles so that we aren’t tearing through cups with every person asking for a cup of water, which we cannot give out a cup of water to you or your dog as the Town of San Anselmo along with the County of Marin have an enforceable ordinance to ban giving cups away, full or empty… restaurants are literally banned from giving cups of water away. True. We do have dog bowls we refill every hour.  

So, come out and play, and help us keep San Anselmo Green and Clean as we Leave No Trace, minimize our carbon footprint, and “race to zero.”

Thanks from all us at Creekside and your fellow San Anselmo merchants.

CLICK HERE for more information and band listings for LIVE ON THE AVENUE