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We’re super-stoked to welcome HenHouse Brewing Company to Fairfax in the former home of Iron Springs, but before those doors open this spring, the return of BIG CHICKEN DAY comes to Creekside on February 9th. This annual one-day release is always a hit. Last year, we blew through an entire keg in less than 90 minutes. Mark your calendars for February 9th at Creekside. It’ll be a madhouse. Enjoy Creekside craft beers safely in Creekside Commons.

And speaking of beer, in addition to HenHouse opening in Fairfax, they’re also apparently opening in Novato as well. And speaking of rumors, the building directly across the street from Creekside, formerly known at Georgi & Willow was recently purchase by a local commercial investor who has allegedly leasing the space to Woods Beer & Wine Company, a lovely family of growing their beer and wine empire around the bay area. Given what Kientz-Hall went through to open, and what we endured at Creekside… I’ll give it a September 2023 opening, at best, given what we’ve heard of the TI (Tenant Improvements) and the exhaustive cost and time and plans and health department et al. So, we’re always a Rising Tide Lifts All Ships type of mindset. The more, the better here in the Heart of Marin. Frankly, the past year, we’ve seen a significant shift in Craft Beer enthusiasts, partly because of COVID and outdoor dining/service options and the “Proximity is Power”…meaning the beer drinking demographic is tending to drink more in larger population areas, so areas like Mill Valley (with places like The Junction), Novato (with Indian Valley and Adobe Creek), and even San Rafael’s Tam Commons, Pond Farm and the legendary Pint Size Lounge, people go where the people are and it’s easiest. With HenHouse coming to Fairfax, plus The Lodge, Gestalt Haus, Split Rock, Way Station, Us (Creekside) and the future buzz of Woods Beer, San Anslemo, Fairfax (aka The Ross Valley or West Marin) could become Marin’s hotbed for craft beer.

And speaking of beer, we also heard Adobe Creek is heading to downtown Petaluma. It’s a good expansion, lots of people, good demographic, good beer, and a rising tide. Enjoy responsibly.