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After extreme caution, watching metrics, getting a “customer pulse” and reviewing all the available data and guidelines from Local, County and State agencies, plus a resounding agreement from the Team Creekside frontline workers, Creekside will be RESUMING INDOOR DINING at 11am on Monday, January 24th. We will be initially operating indoors at a reduced seating capacity to best protect our guests and staff. Masks and social guidelines will still be enforced upon entry per state and county regulation, and all servers and staff will be masked until further notice. For our die hard fans, we highly recommend using our RESY reservation service online that you can find here on our website on the homepage … the red button that say “Book Now RESY.” This link will be reactivated on Thursday the 20th and accepting reservations for February 24th and beyond. Additionally, Creekside will resume a 9pm closing time on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday nights (8pm all other nights), and last seating reservations will be 30 minutes before closing…ie 7:30pm on Sun-Weds, 8:30pm Thur/Fri/Sat.

Thanks for playing safe with us. Our mission is to serve and protect our community, we’re like cops, or a secret government agency here to save the planet from ourselves and alien invaders. Thank you for encouraging our behavior.